Monday, September 01, 2014

Learn to Sew with Lauren- book tour!

Hello darlings,

Thank you so much for the encouraging comments and providing fun ideas on how to wear my cascade dress.

Last month I had been asked If I would be interested in receiving a copy of Lauren's book and share my personal views over the blog- part of their book tour. Yeah, sewing books! Always send them my way! #sewingbookaddicted 

This book is aimed at total beginner ( erg... clue in the title: learn to sew...) with both home decor and clothing projects. Going from  easy peasy to trickier projects.  I like this format for new sewists because when one never sewn, everything seems a little bit daunting, so having a clear order of what to make can help people gain confidence.
Source: Learn to Sew, Lauren Guthrie
You will find two main sections:step by step techniques clearly photographed and illustrated instructions projects.

Techniques: Choosing fabrics, setting your space, basic hand stitches, using sewing patterns, seams, inserting a zipper, buttons, hems, darts, bias binding, tucks, pleats and gathers and setting in a sleeve.
All beginner friendly and most used techniques they need to learn first!

Projects variations and little tips add a lot of brownie points in my opinion.

Some of the projects in this book are: Tote bags, envelope cushion, napkins, oven gloves frame purse, apron, weekender bag etc...
Source: Learn to Sew, Lauren Guthrie
Full size patterns ( yay) are printed with good quality paper but double sided it, you need to trace it.
Source: Learn to Sew, Lauren Guthrie
Dressmaking projects: Adventure shorts, Pyjamas bottoms, Yoke top, Pocket skirt and Have it way dress(my favourite but a little too romantic for me).

My favourite home project is the big weekend bag. Maybe if I have enough time to make it as a beach bag for my upcoming holiday.

The projects and the book are so beautiful but most of the projects are too simple for me. I'm not really the target audience because I like complicated projects... If you have a friend you want to inspire to sew but clothes are a little scary, this book offer a good balance of projects to start.

I'm yet to meet Lauren in person but I have a feeling I would find very similar to the voice of the book. Call it six sense but its actually all this years reading blogs and meeting their writers. We get a sense of the person. 

I wish Lauren all the best with her book endeavour. She is promoting the book with workshops for specific projects. For a full list and dates.  If you are in Birmingham on September 6, pop in for the launch party!  I wish I would be there but I'm teaching the Datura Blouse.

Disclaimer: I don't get paid for reviews and the views are my own. A physical copy of the book was sent to me free of charge.

Friday, August 29, 2014

That's going to be a flasher.....

Hello friends,
I got a freshly made outfit to share, including a few pictures of me wearing it over bank holiday weekend during a Cider festival that Hrh and I attended.

I woke up super early to hem my dress so we could catch the 10 am train to Faversham.   It took more time that I intended leaving me with no time to style my hair. Well, a dress well finished is a lot more important.

The weather in the Uk has turned colder last few days but in true brit spirit of "carry on" I braved  on wearing a summer dress anyway. "i just finished... I'm wearing it'.  Let the cider and the outdoors activities warm me up.

I was the best girl of the day- allegedly.... maybe the guy was trying to make me feel better about my girl throwing technique. I did get my wellie boots over double digit distance.  HRH was being competitive throughout the day.....

Even beat one up on me on the bog roll throwing challenge....

Better move on to why we where there in the first place...

All better now after a few undisclosed amount of those...

To soak all that we ate loads of CARBs! YUMMMMMM

We had so much fun!

Enough faffing about my day trip, I bet you are impatient at your the screen asking to know more what I made!

Pattern deeds: Match up from Papercut Midsummer night dream bodice and Megan Nielsen Cascade skirt. Size S//M respectively- Hem size XL, 

I originally bought this crepe klein blue pokadot to make a bow blouse. I loved the concept but realised that as I don't like wearing vintage style clothes, I wouldn't like the end result.  

Yes, I could try to make it more modern but other ideas took and I settled on the cascade skirt. Loved so many versions, specially Heather Lou  neon silk! 

Then another problem. I don't have anything to match with the skirt besides white tops.... It would be limiting wardrobe options...  It had to be a dress!!!

I loved my first version of the papercut dress but I didn't want to repeat the pattern as was until the old version needs replacing. So pattern match up was conceived.

What I love about this:

The blue is gorgeous and the fabric drapes beautifully
I love wrap dresses
Perfect summer vibe

What I'm unsure about it:

The front hem is way too high//short.

The back hem is way too long

When the skirt is closed, the effect looks great!

But, hey... It's the UK! And its windy!!!! 

Before leaving the house Hrh pointed out how risky this outfit was, so I tucked in the end of the inside skirt under the side of my underwear for the day. I didn't flash anyone but I did felt a bit worried....

Definitely not an outfit to ride a bike either...

There are few tutorials on how to secure the skirt properly to avoid it flying. I'm not in love with this dress...What i'm unsure it's the skirt proportions.... What do you think?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sj tee or the Faux Jumpsuit

As soon as I finished my anima I went back to my machine and sewn the SJ tee for a matching outfit, you know, the one we need for long haul travel. Or Sophie's TWO+PIECE SET+ACULAR.  After wearing for this pictures, I don't think I will be wearing both as an outfit. Looks too casual. Hrh, like always, offered his views about my new 'pyjamas'. 

The pattern shape is to be worn slouchy on the body and fitted on the arms, with a very loose neckline. 
Sloppy Josephine tee: source papercut

I decided to sew one size smaller (XS) than my papercut size (S)... Stretch fabric, how bad could it be? Fit on the cuff is a little tight to my taste but the rest it's perfect.

Just how I like my Tees- fitted at the shoulders and bust, loose on the stomach. Still deciding if its comfortable to wear with the cuffs like this or I need to remove them. Arms is my biggest body hang up.

Next one I will probably be sewing bigger for more slouchiness.

Searching online, many sewists found the loose neck too large. Mine neckline fits closely because of the contrasting fabric. I only had a small piece left so it is slightly gathered as I pulled it while sewing.

Papercut early patterns have been suggested by reviewers of running large.

I have only recently purchased SJ so I believe if their were running large in past, it has been adjusted and they are run true size. If you want to undersize, be aware!

I haven't hemmed my tee yet. I may or may not... 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sports Luxe Meets Rock Chic…

Skulls became a fashion icon in 1970s London counterculture, where Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood launched a series of skull-inspired punk gear, McQueen-inspired brought back skulls to the top of the trend list for Fall 2012. To me, skulls reminds me of A.H my all time favourite designer, as he tends to use skulls on most of his collections. His personal collection has an archive of almost 120 different skulls (my favourite is a knitted one) where he consider a symbol of life.

The skull fabric is super special because I bought it with Amity (She bought some for her too) at Goldhawk rd during her visit to the UK.

As the fabric is super soft and delicious to wear that I knew needed to be some type of sportswear. Since Papercut launched the Tri collection Anima was the perfect pattern for what I had in mind.

I made the trousers (pants) size small and lengthen the legs by 10 cm. 

The waistband and cuff fabric really elevates the Luxe factor of this make.

Do you like the curly hair appearing over the blog? its my natural, and once a year I have a month hiatus from straightening. Specially because I was going to have highlight the ends (done it a few weeks ago but there are a few makes with the old hair- you will notice it was getting reddish)

The contrasting fabric came from an old tank top I had for 14 years but never really worn much because it looked frumpy around the stomach but couldn't get rid of it because the fabric was so great. How I wished I had more of that fabric!

I choose to not sew the button hole/drawstring or sew on top of my elastic like the pattern instructions, so I didn't! Sewing rocks!

You think about all the details you want to wear , remove what you don't and make it happen! Magic!

One of the things I tend to get worried when wearing sportswear is to have a soggy bottom. Ha, this pattern gives me a nice booty! The wrinkles are being caused by my heavy hand in the pockets and how I move....

The fabric being so soft the trousers was hard to photograph but It has been forgiven due its immense comfort factor. I love comfortable clothes.

Have you notice the succession of trousers showing up on the blog? Trousers rules!

This make went almost uneventfully... well..  as I said almost!

Sparkly shoes totally goes with skulls, don't you think?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fabric Shops: Lisbon

Hey friends,

Nothing like shopping fabrics while on holiday. The hotspots I visited during my last trip.

Around the town centre: Rossio

Feira dos tecidos Rua Aurea, 292, 1100

This store is large and quite busy but the staff is very friendly. I bought 7 metres of different chiffons around 8 Euros a metre. Interesting prints and good variety of fabrics. Loved the jerseys and swimwear fabrics.  Good place to visit.

On the same street 3 or 4 shops down there is a smaller fabric shop I forgot to take their card and just a few metres ahead there is a newsagency with sewing and knitting magazines.

If you looking for furnishing fabrics try Vidal tecidos Rua Saraiva de Carvalho, n.º 356 B e D. They sell online. 


Retrosaria Rua do Loreto, 61 - 2º Dto. Good for dressmakers and knitters. The shop has such a cute environment. Worth a little visit.

Source: Retrosaria

Menswear and Bridal, Casa Frazao.  Rua Augusta 259/265

Traveling tip: I hate getting taxis in Lisbon, taxi drivers always trying to overcharge you, grab your change as tip and normally they are not very friendly ( and hey!!!! I speak the language) 

From the airport to the centre, take the AERO BUS.  
It is comfortable and cheap. for £3,50 return. Links the airport to downtown Lisbon and Cais do Sodre. Most hotels are in route to this bus and I runs every 20 minutes from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Online Shopping:

Those were recommended but I haven't tried yet: