Sunday, January 08, 2012

Cathy Kidston Style Wipes/Tissues Holder : Tutorial

Hi dear readers,

I got great feedback on my pocket tissue holder tutorial ( TED is a charmer anyway) and Cris asked me if she could use this technique to cover wet wipes she keeps at her bathroom and make it a feature of it.
Since I love a challenge I invited her over to have a one-to-one tutorial and a cuppa ( Cup of Tea).
She brought this amazing fabric that if she had told me was Cathy Kidston I would had believed her.
She got over our local shop "Just fabrics" for at least half of the 'original' price. What I love on Cathy's fabrics is the vintage and romantic style and I'm sure to be popping there later on the shop to get some for me. The buttons were from my stash and match perfectly.

You need:

60 cm of Fabric.
Couple of buttons
Thread and Needle.
Sewing machine is optional.

One to one Method

Cut 2 squares measuring 37,5 cm ( You can use different fabrics for contrast)

Right sides together sew a straight seam using the machine foot as guide . Leave a 3 cm opening .

 Before turning to the right side out, cut any excess of fabric off.

 Also, trim the corners.

Turn on the opening.Never leave the opening on the corners as it can be hard to sew

Using a pencil ( not sharp objects) poke the corners out . Press.

Now its my favourite part. Choose your favourite decorative stitch and decorate your piece.I find useful to follow the machine foot as guide.


 Fold the square into a triangle

Now measure 10 cm from the peak and mark on both sides. Stitch only the mark until secure.

Press open the both sides.

 Now fit your wipes /big tissue box in place.

 Choose your buttons with or without contrast.

Sew them on the opposite side of each triangle left. It will close by passing the buttons underneath the sew triangle you pressed. ( where you take the tissues out).

I hope you like this as much as Cris. She left proudly taking this home and so excited that she is probably making zillions of them as I type.

I make the small tissue holder as handy gifts all the time but think the big version has a lot of potential .

Lots of Love !


  1. Oooh, this is very clever...thanks for sharing!

  2. yay! I have it all step by step now! I bought my buttons yesterday so I will finish mine off tomorrow! :-)

  3. Rachel, thankyou for the tutorial. I love my tissue holder ,you made for me..SO special.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial it's a really pretty cover!

  5. I really hope you enjoying making them.. for me the most fun its knowing people appreciate it..

    Judy, it makes me so happy to know how much you love your gift !

    lots of love xx

  6. Very sweet - and useful. A good gift I would think. Thankyou for the instructions!

  7. Thank you sharing this idea and it's very good tutorial.


  8. Welcome girls. Why not adding your photos of your projects on my flick group?

  9. I am not clear on the last instruction: "Sew them on the opposite side of each triangle left. It will close by passing the buttons underneath the sew triangle you pressed. ( where you take the tissues out)."

    Do the ends just tuck in without being secured in any way?

    1. I made a video for you, I hope it helps! xx

  10. thanks for the tutorial,.. I really love it


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