Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jersey Tunic from Sew U stretch!

Hello girls,

Thank you so much for your opinion on the fabric of my Kelly Skirt. I was not sure how I got that fabric and what it was... I have updated the original post now! You girls are the best!

I also would like to apologise for the photos quality as I broke my camera(again)...
It will cost me half of the price of a new to fix it, so I will have to invest in another camera. HRH is super angry!!! 

So I may be quieter in the blog (still making stuff) until the camera situation is sorted. You will see some instagrams and phone photos for a while too!

Trying to make my signature pose more interesting...  "desperate for the loo?" LOL

Do at least get extra points for photographing while raining?

The Facts 

Fabric: Jersey £2 per metre bought during Walthamstow blogger's meet up.

Size: M

Pattern: Boatneck from Sew U simplicity with modifications.

Year: modern

Notions: self made bias.

Time to complete:  few hours

Did you make any alterations or modifications? Yes. I made de sleeves and bodice longer, added shaping darts on the waist and back, created to pleas on the neckline because my small neck was dancing on the large boat neckline and used  self made bias. You can argue that its a totally new pattern but that's the point of the book. It gives you 3 basic patterns and the tools to help you create your own version. I really like the book and recommend it because the explanations on how to sew with jersey are very clear.

First worn: Sept 2012

Will you make it again? Yes.I may reduce the lengthen of the bodice and make the sleeves tighter. This is so easy to sew and really comfortable to wear.I would make without a loud print. My large boobs look even larger with this print! Look away nowwww!

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: It's simple, quick and versatile.

Did you use new skills or a particular skill: I used twin needles to give the sleeves and the hem a cute detail.

Conclusion: This will have so much use. Its very comfy and I can see myself running errands wearing it... or during lazy sundays as one need comfy clothes for delicious sunday roast!!! 

Today I am getting in a train for a trip (a bit like Bath- actually quite close to it) for a quilt class with my mom in law. I am really looking forward to it and downloaded on the iPad the catch up series of Parade's End and the new BBC series: Paradise. Ohh I love period dramas...
I am glued on the TV on sunday night with Downtown Abbey. Now eagerly waiting the return of  my loved Sherlock Holmes to be TV heaven!

Lots of love



  1. That shirt is awesome Rachel! It makes you look longer and leaner than usual. Who knew that was possible?! I must take a look at that book. I am quite curious about it. I see some many great things made from it. Must be a winner.

    1. "the works' os a discounted book shop that sells it for under £6... let me know if You want me to get it for you!

    2. Sure! If it isn't too much trouble.

  2. I love this! Looks so cozy and cute!

  3. This looks soooo comfortable and I love the pattern on the fabric!

  4. This does make you look leaner. It works to me.

    1. tailored looks does make me look better then looser shapes...

  5. I must have missed this fabric when I went a few weeks back - love it

  6. Yes you get points for standing in the rain! And you look terrific in that outfit!


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